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Tartan Design

Create your own tartan

Tartan is an iconic part of Scottish culture and you might want to take part in it by creating your own tartan!
Whether you want to pay tribute to your Scottish heritage, celebrate an important personnal or family event,
or create a unique tartan for your brand, event or organisation, we’re here to help!

Tartan offers endless design possibilities

As artisan kiltmakers, when we talk about tartan, we think about it as a woven cloth, made of 100% wool, also referred as “plaid”, accross the pond. But tartan is, quite simply, a pattern of intersecting lines, running both horizontally and vertically. This means that there are an infinity of creative possibilities, which can make the process of designing such a complex fabric from scratch, quite daunting. Choosing the colours, number of threads for each stripe and block of colour, there are many parameters to consider to produce a stunning tartan, and requires a trained eye.

Whether you like or don’t like a paticular tartan is often a matter of taste. However, as kiltmakers working with different tartans every day, we understand the importance of a well structured and balanced design that will turn heads. We also always have at heart to create tartans that will be perfectly adapted to the making of bespoke kilts and accessories.


We will make the whole process very easy for you, so all that you have to do is to focus on the creative aspects and enjoy this meaningful creative journey.

1- Fill out the contact form. We will send you an estimated cost based on these informations.

2- We schedule an in-person meeting or a call with you, to understand your specific needs, tastes and inspirations.

3- We will come up with several initial tartan designs, that will be adjusted according your preferences, until you are happy with the final option.

4- We will work with one of our local weaving mill to finalise the design and send you a printed version of your future tartan, alongside yarns samples.

5- When we have your final approval, we will work with the mill to launch the weaving process and, will register your tartan to the Scottish Register of Tartans.

6- Finally, we deliver your tartan along with any bespoke kilts and handmade accessories required to your door.

Your tartan that tells your story

Your tartan is now ready to be proudly shown to the world! It will be unique, personnalised to your image and you can use it to create beautiful garments, stunning kilts and meaningful accessories.


Where are you based ? Are you an individual, an organisation ? Do you have any inspiration for your tartan ? Do you have a deadline for your project, and how big it is?