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Talks and Workshop

Learn the secrets of kilts and Scottish textiles with a kiltmaker

Tartans and kilts are part of the most iconic elements of Scottish heritage. It is a fascinating and colourful world, that it is worth learning more about to fully understand what Scotland has to offer.
However, it is hard to deepen your knowledge about tartans and tweed, because the mills are not open to public and the only pieces of tartan that can be seen and touched are the ones in shops, without being properly introduced.
Also kiltmakers, who usually work from their home, prefer to stay behind the scene, and visitors cannot have the opportunity to understand what is a handmade kilt and how a kilt is designed and engineered.

Join us for a private talk and workshop about kilts, tartans and tweeds

We love sharing our passion and expertise through private talks and workshop. With us, you will learn the main steps of crafting a high quality handmade kilt, the History of Highland dress in Scotland and the evolution of the kiltmaking industry through the ages.

You will even have the chance to put yourself in the kiltmaker’s shoes and try one of the most critical step of kiltmaking: pleating the tartan!

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