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Our BESPOKe Kilts


All our kilts are bespoke and fully handstitched by us, Mathilde and Jonathan, using traditional techniques. Every piece that we produce is designed and crafted to last a lifetime and accompany you on your life journey. We make our kilt in an ethical and sustainable way, keeping our values and ethos in mind at every single step of the process.


– All our kilts are made with 7-9 meters of materials, depending on your specific measurements
– We mostly work with 100% wool tartan or tweed woven in Scotland and England, but are always happy to discuss different styles and materials
– Everything on our kilt is fully handstitched with core spun thread (tiny invisible stitches, 9-10 per inch on the pleat section)
– The inside of our kilts is structured with stabilising ribbon and canvas, to ensure the best fit and longevity of the garment. It is also beautifully finished with a lining of your choice
– The front and under aprons of our kilts, as well as spring pleat and box pleat, are constructed with enough extra cloth with potential future alterations in mind, to allow for the kilt to evolve with its wearer through his or her life
– When working out the pleat number and measurements, we always do our best to maximise the number of pleats, without compromising their depth, which is what will produce the iconic “swing” of your kilt when you move
– Our kilts are fastened by the mean of 2-3 leather straps and buckles
– The final garment is pressed with a steaming iron press to ensure the sharpness of the edge of the pleats and the shaping of the kilt


The materials that we use are carefully selected by us from trusted partners:
– Our tartans and tweeds are produced locally by mills in Scotland and England, such as Lochcarron of ScotlandHouse of Edgar and Marton Mills
– Our leather straps are individually handcrafted by our business partner Mackenzie Leather, based in Edinburgh
– Our other materials are sourced locally wherever possible, and we are always on the lookout for suppliers who share the same values as us

Learn more about the making of our kilts

Video written, filmed and edited by Griisette

A selection of our bespoke kilts

Something different
– Kilt for Simon

The kilt was made by Mathilde for Simon. Simon being an craftsman as well, he had a very creative approach to the design of his kilt, which we loved! Some things he knew exactly what he wanted, others, we had to try things until we found what was exactly right! Have a look at the light mint stripes that repeat on each side of the back of the kilt… it’s just a little change in the tartan sett, but also one of the details that makes Simon’s kilt really unique!

Original pleating
– Kilt for Mathilde

This kilt was made by and for Mathilde. It is very special, as Mathilde decided to go for an original pleating.

The center of the back of the kilt shows a full set of the tartan (look at this flash of red!) while the sides of the back are repeating the single light brown stripe on dark green background. It gives a wonderful effect that is instantly noticeable and makes this kilt design’s like no other!

Military box pleat
– Kilt for Jonathan

This kilt was made by Mathilde for Jonathan.
It is an 8 yards, military box pleat kilt. This means that every pleat is set up and sewn, then folded back onto itself to create “box pleat”. This type of kilt is even more meticulous than a knife pleat kilt and takes more time and work. It is traditionaly pleated to the stripe, which makes the front and the back of the kilt look quite different! Although it tends to be seen more often among military people, Jonathan rocks it just as well with his tweed jacket and also his leather jacket…!

Auld Alliance tartan
– Kilt for Jonathan

Jonathan’s kilt was made by Mathilde, with the Auld Alliance tartan woven by House of Edgar.

It is an 8 yards, knife pleats kilt, pleated to the sett, as Jonathan wanted to show the beautiful pattern of the tartan both on the front and the back of the kilt.
He chose the Auld alliance tartan to pay tribute to both his French roots and love for his home, Scotland.

Highland Peat tartan
– Kilt for Mathilde

Mathilde’s kilt was made by Jonathan, with the Highland Peat tartan, woven by House of Edgar.

It is a 7 yards, knife pleats kilt, pleated to the sett.
When Mathilde saw this tartan, she knew it was just what she was looking for! The warm yet powerful colours of autumn, that makes this kilt an even more striking garment.

– Kilt for Blandine

This kilt was made by Mathilde, and was a pure joy to work on! Blandine chose a tweed as she wanted something that suited most of her wardrobe so she could wear it as often as possible! She went for a shorter kilt, which we think was a great choice for her!

It was created with 7 yards of a lovely herringbone tweed by Marton Mills: a perfect balance to ensure a lovely swing of the kilt, while not putting too much fabric on Blandine’s slim waist.
It was made exactly like any traditional, handmade kilt that we create.

If you would like to discuss
your own bespoke kilt project with us,
get in touch!

As we will be working away from our atelier for a few weeks, any order placed After the 5th of June will be processed and shipped from the 4th. of July on our return.

If you have any questions, email us! :) Thank you for your understanding.
Mathilde and Jonathan