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Designing and crafting a kilt that tells your story

As passionate and proudly independent artisans, we believe that kilts should be more than just garments. They should be a reflection of your personality, story and lifestyle! This is when kilt design comes into play.

One of the things we love the most as kiltmakers, is working closely with our clients to create custom kilts that are unique, just like the individuals who wear them. Regardless of your gender, body type, personal background, or fashion taste, we are committed to creating something that will make you feel aligned with who you are and empowered!

In this blog post, we’ll take you behind the scenes to explore how we work with each client we meet to create their unique kilt, perfectly designed for them. We’ll also share stories of a few of our kilt projects, which will hopefully inspire you!

Images by Rose & Julien

Starting your kilt design journey with us

From the moment a client walks through our home-based atelier’s doors, we embark on a journey together. We start by listening to their stories, interests, and aspirations. Contrary to most high street kilt shops who only focus on making kilts that “fit”, our goal is to truly understand what makes our clients tick, what inspires them, and how they envision their ideal kilt! This initial conversation is the foundation upon which we build a kilt that truly speaks to their soul, and that will fit into their fashion taste, lifestyle and uniqueness.

Choosing the perfect tartan (or cloth!) for your kilt

The conversation often starts with the choice of tartan, tweed or cloth, that our client wants their kilt to be made of. We guide them through the vast array of possibilities, trying to find the options best suited to their project. It’s a fascinating process! For some people, tartans can represent their heritage, family history,. For others, especially those who do not have a “blood connection” with Scotland, their personal preferences. Some clients are drawn to specific tartans because of their rich history, while others select patterns that simply resonate with them, or because they love its design and clours.

Whatever inspires you, we encourage you to lean into it, without worrying too much about conforming to what others might consider the “right” or expected choice, or what one “should” choose or pick. It’s YOUR kilt, after all! 🙂

Images by Rose&Julien

Designing your kilt: a canvas for your personal narrative

Sometimes, the general design of your dream kilt is what guided your cloth choice! 🙂 But in most cases, this is once you have chosen your tartan, tweed or cloth, that we move on to design customisation. This is where the magic happens!

Our clients often share their life stories and experiences with us, and we use this valuable information to weave their narrative into the design of their kilt. Each kilt we create becomes a tapestry of the wearer’s journey, a wearable chronicle of their life, and a celebration of their individuality. Whether that means creating a unique pleating style, mixing materials, adding embroideries, or anything else that they wish, we work closely with each of our clients to create a kilt that is an extension of their personality.

Photographers Rose&Julien, Griisette, Kate Godfrey

Here are some inspiring stories of kilts designs we created for customers

Mixing Materials:

When our client A. came to us for the first time to discuss kilt project, we were working on an idea to create a kilt that would be mostly made of tweed, but with a few pleats of tartan, to add a pop of colour. We shared this idea with A., which he loved! With him, we created this beautiful kilt pairing a dark blue herringbone tweed and the Gunn Hebrideann tartan. We also picked a beautiful Harris Tweed to add in the fringe of the apron, which complimented perfectly the kilt colours. The result is simply stunning! His kilt got A.’s a lot of attention and compliments, which makes us really proud and happy!

2) Unconventional pleating:

Sarah’s kilt features an striking and one-of-a-kind pleating design. We knew that S. wanted to keep most of the tartan’s colours visible throughout the back. But having a strong and bright personality, we also felt that she would enjoy having something that she wouldn’t see anywhere else! So after we initially presented her with classic pleating options, we started experimenting with more audacious and non traditional options. Working with her on many options, we settled on this hybrid bespoke pleating design, which showcase the salmon block of the tartan, right in the middle of the back, and then reproduce part of the tartan on each side. As a tour guide, Sarah’s kilt often serves as a conversation starter, allowing her to introduce customers to the art of kilt-making and spark their interest.

3) Small but Meaningful details:

As a young co-director of a thriving small business, MacKinnon Watches, Matt’s choice of the MacKinnon tartan for his kilt is a beautiful tribute to his family heritage.
Opting for a classic pleating style that replicates the tartan’s pattern throughout the back of the kilt, Matt’s kilt bears a couple of distinctive touches that we designed together, and which makes it uniquely his own. To Matt’s request, we used a French bulldog cotton print on the inside of the kilt, celebrating his affection for his furry family member, Helga. As for the decorative stitches of the inner leather strap, Matt requested a wee Irish flag to honor his father’s heritage, harmoniously complementing his choice of the MacKinnon tartan, representing his mother’s side of the family. If you don’t want to go for a bold difference for your kilt, you can still absolutely tell your story through its finer details, that will make your kilt truly yours!

Left photograph by Joanna Eliza

FInal thoughts on designing and crafting truly bespoke kilts

We understand that personalisation is not just about aesthetics. It’s about capturing the essence of our clients’ personalities and lifestyles. Each kilt we create is a testament to the unique stories and journeys of the individuals who wear them. We take pride in crafting kilts that speak volumes about the people who wear them, ensuring that their personalities shine through every stitch and detail!

If you’re ready to embark on your own kilt journey, we’re here to bring your vision to life. Contact us today, and let’s create a kilt that truly reflects who you are. Your story, your personality, your kilt.

Stitch Mark's kilt

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