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Begin your kilt journey with us

If you have a specific project in mind or if you need more details about our products and services, get in touch using the contact form below.
We, Mathilde and Jonathan, the artisan kiltmakers behind Auld Alliance Kiltmakers, will get back to you as soon as possible!

We look forward to hearing from you and your project and we will be proud to help you building your unique kilt outfit!

Our services:

  • Bespoke kilts, fully handstitched, using traditional techniques and knowledge (feel free to read our FAQ which might answer some of your questions!)
  • Kilt alterations: if you have gained or lost weight, or were passed on a kilt that was made for someone else, we can help you make it fit again
  • Highlandwear: we work closely with our partner to help you build your kilt outfit (sporran, sgian dubh, kilt hose, ghillie brogues…)
  • Bespoke tartan design: we can design your tartan, have it woven in Scotland by a trusted partner, and help you registering it officially
  • Kilt and tartan talks and workshops : we conduct private talks and workshops about kilts and tartan, as well as crafts workshops and artisan tours
And preferred pronoun, if any.

You can also contact us directly by writing to: