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About us

Two kiltmakers, one passion

Auld Alliance Kiltmakers is a duo of two passionate kiltmakers based in Edinburgh: Mathilde and Jonathan.

Partners in life and craft, we work as a team to offer each of our client a memorable experience and a bespoke kilt to proudly wear and treasure for life.

After completing our initial 9-months kiltmaking course in Edinburgh and delivered our first customer’s bespoke kilt, we have kept pursuing our learning journey with several experienced tutors in Scotland. While we remain dedicated to preserving traditional hand sewing techniques, we also embrace innovation and continuously explore new design possibilities. This allows us to create kilts that truly reflect the unique personality and individuality of our clients.

Join us on this remarkable journey as we bring your vision to life, one stitch at a time.

“I believe that kilts have the ability to empower people..”


There is something quite magical in the art of crafting a complex garment from one 8-yards length of cloth.

This craft embodies everything I hold dear: traditional techniques, the need for extreme precision, careful engineering guided by mathematical formulas and logic, and above all, an abundance of creative possibilities.

As someone who constantly experience the transformative power of wearing a kilt, I understand how they can shape our perception of ourselves. I believe that kilts possess a great ability to empower people.

As a kiltmaker, I want my customers to be involved in the entire design process of their kilt, down to the finest details. I want them to experience the pure joy and pride that comes with owning a meticulously crafted garment of the highest quality, tailored to their unique body, style, and personality.

A bespoke kilt is a really special garment. Its evolution over the centuries and what it represents for its wearer, even today, fascinates me. As traditional or eccentric as one wants, it’s a very personal garment which the wearer has to make “his” or “hers”. And let’s not forget the mesmerizing swing of the kilt… so iconic and hypnotic!

I have been charmed by kilts, when I moved to Scotland. I decided to take a kiltmaking course, to understand the complexity and secrets of this art, and I was hooked! Crafting traditional, fully hand stitched kilts is a long process. A meditative and introspective journey that I love taking. I like to think that we put a bit of our soul, in every kilt that we make, as we dedicate thirty five or more hours to the making of a single kilt, carefully stitching every detail.

Traditional kiltmaking has been recognised as an Endangered craft by the Heritage Crafts Association in 2021. I feel privileged and proud to be part of the artisans who are committed to preserving and perpetuating this traditional craft, while explore new ways to make it evolve.

My goal is promote the kilt as an inclusive garment, that anyone can wear with pride and joy!

“I like to think that in every kilt that we make, we put a bit of our soul.”


Press and medias

We had the chance to appear and speak about our vision of kiltmaking during the prime time of the French TV channel TF1 on the 27th of November 2021.

Press and medias

If you have a question or would like to discuss your bespoke kilt project, get in touch!