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Auld Alliance


Bespoke traditional kilts, ethically handmade in Edinburgh

Bespoke, traditional kilts, ethically handmade in Edinburgh... What do we mean?

  • Bespoke: no two kilts are alike. Each of our kilts is made to our customer’s measurements and design choices.
  • Traditional: our kilts are designed and made using Scottish traditional techniques, ensuring the best fit and longevity of your kilt.
  • Ethically: we don’t compromise on our ethics: respect for the environment and people (you, our suppliers, and us). 
  • Handmade: all our kilts are carefully hand stitched from start to finish. 

Every kilt has a story. Let's write the first lines of yours together.

Designing a kilt for yourself is an exciting time. But the endless possibility and complexity of it can seem a little bit daunting.
But fear not! We are here to guide you from the design process to the final fitting.
You will be involved into the key steps of the making: Your decisions will make your kilt unique and the expression of your own style and personality. We want you to be proud of your kilt and feel empowered when you wear it.

Your Kiltmakers

Mathilde and Jonathan are two passionate kiltmakers, who use Scottish traditional techniques to hand sew your future kilts.
Learn more about their kiltmaker’s journey!


Our ethos

Our values and ethos are at the heart of our craft. It’s actually what drove us to become artisans.
Learn more about our approach to kiltmaking, fashion and trade in general.

Our handmade kilts

Each of our kilts is made bespoke, fully hand stitched to the highest standards, using sustainable and long lasting materials sourced in Scotland and France.


Gwenn B.
Gwenn B.Piper à Paris
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Rêvant d'un kilt en tartan de l'île de Skye, j'ai décidé de confier sa réalisation à Auld Alliance Kiltmakers, que j'ai découverts sur Instagram alors qu'ils achevaient leur formation de kiltmakers à Edimbourg. J'en suis très heureuse puisque non seulement mon kilt est magnifique, mais en plus j'ai appris énormément sur un artisanat peu connu, mais fascinant. Mathilde et Jonathan partagent leur savoir avec passion et fournissent un travail de grande qualité : le kilt est entièrement sur mesure et personnalisé, unique jusque dans ses moindres détails. Aujourd'hui, je ne manque pas une occasion de le porter fièrement, et j'ai d'ores et déjà commandé mon second kilt... qui sera en tartan de l'Auld Alliance !
Chad F.
Chad F.
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Having personally seen the quality of Mathilde's work over the years, I had no hesitation in approaching her when it came to getting my first kilt made. From the onset she was open about the whole process, which was comforting and also very interesting to me. I could not be happier with the end result, having been to a half dozen weddings since, I feel a great sense of pride having such a well crafted kilt. I look forward to having my second kilt sometime soon.
Blandine L.
Blandine L.
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My dream was to have a kilt that would fit me perfectly and that I could wear every day. I asked Mathilde & Jonathan to create it for me without hesitation. They were very attentive to my requirements, and helpful – We were in touch throughout the whole process of the making, so it was very interesting to be involved at every step of the process. Thanks to their expertise and wonderful pieces of advice, I now have the most beautiful kilt!
Hippolyte R.
Hippolyte R.
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My kilt was handmade by Jonathan and it was a great experience! Jonathan explained to me all the different steps of the making of my kilt and all the possibilities, with a lot of knowledge and passion.
The final result is wonderful! I couldn't think of a better kilt, I even had the surprise of having a a fluffy fringe on the side which was a wonderful touch.
I highly recommended them to anybody who would like a personal and quality kilt.
Maggie G.
Maggie G.
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Le tartan tient une place importante dans notre famille. J’ai souhaité confier à Mathilde la modification de mon plus beau kilt, déjà réalisé dans la tradition des kiltmakers, de manière à pouvoir le porter à nouveau. Passionnée et soucieuse de tous les petits détails, Mathilde a mis en œuvre ce projet tout en me tenant au courant des différentes étapes. Avec une finition à la fois, ingénieuse et créative, le résultat est superbe ! Aujourd’hui, je reporte ce kilt avec beaucoup de plaisir, et je tiens particulièrement à remercier Mathilde et Jonathan pour la très grande qualité de leur travail et pour ces moments de rencontre des plus conviviaux.
Andy M.
Andy M.
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My wife and I were looking to get a kilt made but had no idea where to start. By a fortunate coincidence we met Mathilde and Jonathan on a visit to Edinburgh. We felt reassured by their expertise, knowledge, and enthusiasm to order a kilt for myself, and a sash and a shawl for my wife. We were kept up to date with the process of making the garments. It was very exciting to see the photos of the kilt being made. Jonathan made my kilt which has exceeded my expectations, it really is beautiful. We are absolutely delighted with the finished results and would thoroughly recommend Mathilde and Jonathon to anyone who would like a hand sewn kilt.

Some of the kilts we made

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