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Bespoke Kilts
& Accessories

ETHICALLY and traditionaly handcrafted IN EDINBURGH

Our Commitments

Bespoke, traditional kilts, ethically handcrafted in Edinburgh… What do we mean?


No two kilts are alike. Each of our kilts is made to our customer’s exact measurements and design choices.


Our kilts are designed and made using Scottish traditional techniques, ensuring the best fit and longevity of your kilt.


 We don’t compromise on our ethics: respect for the environment and for people (you, our suppliers, and us). 


All our kilts are carefully handstitched from start to finish, with a lot of dedication and love.


BESPOKE kiltmaking


Auld Alliance

Talks and WORKSHOPs

Our ethos

Our values and ethos are at the heart of our craft. It’s actually what drove us to become artisans!

Learn more about our approach to kiltmaking, fashion and trade in general.


We are Mathilde and Jonathan, a duo of two passionate kiltmakers based in Edinburgh. We work as a team to offer each of our client a memorable experience and a bespoke kilt to proudly wear and treasure for life.

Learn more about our kiltmaker’s journey!

“I believe that kilts have the ability to empower people..”


“I like to think that in every kilt that we make, we put a bit of our soul.”


Any questions?
We have the answer

If you’d like to know more about our making process, conditions and leadtime, materials that we use, sustainability policy and additional services: we answer your Frequently Asked Questions!


Every kilt has a story.
Let’s write the first lines of yours together.



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🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 2024 last order date : 10th of December for most products, or 30th of November for Bespoke products.
🇫🇷 Pour bénéficier d'un envoi de France le 19 décembre (garanti sans taxe), merci de passer votre commande au plus tôt et de choisir l'option de livraison appropriée.
If you have any questions, email us! :)